Neighborhood Hog

I could not have lifted this pig by myself last night. The game Handler made it a 5-minute task from the ground to the buggy.
Thanks again!

Chris G 

Magnolia Texas 

Nice Buck

 Hi Mitch, I just wanted to get back and touch base with you and let you know the game Handler worked great. Keep up the good work . Also wanted to show you the nine-point I shot this morning, 115 lb. It worked just like you said it would, no problems at all. A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and God bless you and your family, John H M 

This is a brute

 I am 49 years old and have  a bad back; the last pig I shot took three of us to load and my back hurt for days. I was able to load this wild bore by myself with the help of the game handlers with no back pain.~~great product! ~~Thank You Santa Anna, Texas,  Clark G!  

Canadian Buck

 I'm fairly new to hunting and had the luck of scoring my first buck during the 2015 rifle season up here in Québec. Nothing to write home about, but it was my buck. I soon found out what loading 150lbs of dead weight on a quad back rack meant, however! Thankfully, Helping hands were nearby. Out came the little green bag: I had this guy loaded up all by myself in a matter of minutes, without breaking a sweat. and the deed was done.   

Don't hurt yourself

 I purchased the Game Handlers from you 2 years ago. I was injured the first week of the season and ended up with operations on both my knees along with a back and hip injections. I finally got out to hunt last week and shot a six point this week. It had been so long I forgot how to operate the Game Handlers, but the product speaks for itself and I was able to load my deer on the back of the Polaris 850, which is a tall ATV, without a problem. I could not have gotten the deer out of the woods by myself if is was not for the Game Handlers.  Keep up the good work  Ken Vargo 

We will all get there

 Ordered 2 game handlers last week for myself and my hunting partner, both in our mid 60's. Got to use mine 12/20 on a big Comanche County buck that I wouldn't have been able to load by myself- and I was hunting alone.  

Thanks to your product I was able to load it onto the back of my pickup by myself. I'll recommend the game handler to anyone that wants to save their back and any unnecessary muscle strains.  Thanks again 

Tony M. 

Academy Texas