Large 10 Point Buck

Large 10 point Buck. I tried to loading him on the back of my 4-wheeler. That's dangerous and one could get hurt. Using the Game Handler's keeps your feet on the ground and makes loading a deer alone easy.

Truck Beds

Check out this great video using the truck bed, it's even easier; Deer or Hogs.

175 lb. Hog

It was hot and he was nasty, but it shows how easy they are to use.

Drag with the Game Handlers

The straps are perfect to drag your animal with. The handles also allow for a friend to help.

4_Wheeler load

Hunter loading a small buck on his 4-wheeler. It's the safest way. 

Two hogs at once.

Check out this great video

Lady loading a Hog

Check out this video of a lady loading a hog with the lelp of a leverage pole. They are all about leverage.

Another 4-Wheeler

Check out this great video