Game Handlers

"Your Buddy in a Bag"

Load it by yourself.


If hunting is your passion and you do it alone, loading an animal that weighs as much as you, by yourself, can be dangerous. Do it a safer and easier way with the Game Handlers. Wait for it.  

Game Handlers


The work begins when you pull the trigger.

It's opening morning, 7 AM, and you just shot a 150 lb. wall hanger. Its 85 degrees and you don't want to wait for help loading him in your vehicle. It could be 9:30 or 10 o'clock before someone is available. Or maybe you're hunting with your wife and 6 year old, who are still asleep back at camp when you shoot a 170 lb. hog. You've managed it in the past, nearly hurting yourself while trying to load him in the bed of your truck, or on the back of your ATV. Maybe you are the sole provider for your family in the remote back country and you have to be alone. You know the work begins after the kill and time is important. You can't leave it lying while you go get help, but you don't want to injure yourself. Now there is an easier and safer way to load that game animal.

Customer Testimonials

I could not have lifted this pig by myself last night.
The game handler made it a 5-minute task from the ground to the buggy.
Thanks again!  Chris G.

190 lbs loaded by my self in 5 minutes.~~The straps worked as you said it was easy for a 72 year old

  I am 49 years old and have  a bad back; the last pig I shot took three of us to load and my back hurt for days. I was able to load this wild bore by myself with the help of the game handlers with no back pain.~~great product! ~~Thank You Santa Anna, Texas,  Clark G!  

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 Caution: Lifting anything could be dangerous. One could harm themselves when one believes themselves to be healthy and capable. Seek safe ways to lift and always lift with your legs and not your back. If you feel you are not fit enough to lift your animal, get assistance. Game Handlers makes no claims. They are LIFT ASSIST DEVICES. You will be lifting the animal and Game Handlers makes no claims to their ability.